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Multimedia Wireless Mobile Presenter TB18
Thank you for purchasing our TB18  Multimedia Wire less Mobile this manual will provide you with what you will need to know about your new presenter.

•One TB18  multimedia Wireless Mobile Presenter
•One USB Receiver 
•User`s manual
•One button cell battery (CR2450-3v)

•USB plug and play
•Protable – mini USB receiver snaps info the bottom of presenter to prevent loss.
•Compatible with USB V1.1/V2.0
•Multimedia fuction (e.g `M2`-after open the windows Med ia player , you can `PLAY` . STOP , VOICE UP/DOWN ; M1-P age up-and-down)
•USB Mouse function
2.4 GHz – workable distance is about 10 meters
High dpi resolution – Remote control mouse
•Leser pointer
•Page up-and-down function (especially useful for poewer Point/ PDF presentation)
•(Optional) USB flash disk storage
•“off” butoon to save battery power.
•Operating systems: MS Windows 2000 , XP , Vista compatible


Battery Installation-PC(1)
1.Take out the battery cover.
2.Install batteries the postivie (+) side up & negative (-) side down.
3.Put back the battery cover.

Connecting the Presenter Reciver:
Remove the USB reciver from the presenter.(2) Plug the USB Reciver into any available USB potr or hub connected to your computer .(3) Windows will detect the presenter ans install the required drivers automatically. Your presenter is now ready to be used.(CAUTION : do not point red LASER BEAM into your eyes or anyone else eyes , do not look directly into the RED LESER BEAM at anytime. Keep away from cgildren)

Presenter does not function
•Check the USB reciver and maks is firmly plugged into the USB port of the computer.
•If it does not work , restart the computer again and follow the instruct ions for connecting the presenter reciver and synchronization sections of this manual.
Presenter is slow or sluggish in movement.
•Batteries could be low in power and need to be replaced
•There could be interference in the area of the product.Unplug and re-pl ug the USB reciver to change channels.
•Please note that is no low battery indicator on this presenter.

•Operating System :MS Windows 2000 , XP , Vista compatible
•Reciver Power : USB per-port current : self – power 300mA
•Presenter power:1 pc CR2450 button cell battery(3V)
•Dimension : ( L*W*H) : 107 * 46 *18.5 mm
•Weight : 58g
NOTE: please note that presenter buttons on this product are not prigr ammable.Under Mac OS this product wiil only work for presentation mode (M1) NOLY.Multimedia mode (M2) does not work under the Mac OS.

Safety measures
•To avoid possible eye damage , never point the presenters` leser at people , especially their faces , or look directy into the presenter`s leser beam.
•Avoid pointing the presenter`s leser beam at a mirror or other reflective surface.
•Keep the presenter away from young children.
•Never view the presenter`s leser beam using telescopic devices
•Any attempt to disassemble , adjust or repair the presenter may result in exposure to leser lightor other safety hazards.



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